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Primary hangout of @knapjack, because the Fediverse isn't just one thing.

I snap photos on film, flip bits for a living and live in the subarctic. Be kind, rewind.

knapjack bonked 24 Jun 2024 04:39 +0000
original: [email protected]

I am over the moon with this. I'll take some better pics once it's assembled. This is just dry fit.
IBM 729 tape drive miniature.

IBM 729 tape drive miniature

knapjack bonked 23 Jun 2024 22:36 +0000
original: [email protected]

The vibes are fantastic on Valencia Street today in SF. Hella yardsales, live music, arts, crafts, and friendly folks to chat with. Put on some sunscreen and go check it out. I bought a bunch of zines (90s and 2000s interviews with local comic artists and musicians) from a little yardsale near Dandelion Chocolate, then picked up some more weirdo-music zines from another yard sale near 25th and Valencia.

A flea market at 20th and Valencia. There are vendors with used clothes, candles, art, and more. A yard sale that says "old stuff: games, records, books, kitchen, toys, artwork, weird things. 1326 Valencia St" A bunch of zines spread out on a couch. There are copies of Drew, LA Weekly, Art Com, Cake, Giant Robot, Fiction, and more."

knapjack honked 23 Jun 2024 02:16 +0000

My #CaliforniaFire / #CalFire bot takes the specific fire location URL from that state's data feed and dumps it straight into the post. It's been broken for a while, both on the website and in the feed, but I noticed yesterday they fixed the website at some point.

The feed URL looks like: https://incidents.fire.ca.gov/incidents/2024/6/15/post-fire/

Where the working one looks like:


I think I'm going to post-process the URL string to get it working, but drives me nuts that the feed data is borked. They will likely correct it at some point and then the bot will break. So it goes.


knapjack bonked 23 Jun 2024 02:09 +0000
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people are mad pentax have released a half frame camera before a full frame one, and so i propose a modest solution: pentax should release a xpan sized camera next, to cancel things out

knapjack honked 21 Jun 2024 13:54 +0000

Full disclosure: I'm 54 years old.

The internet says the movie Cocoon (about rest home residents finding an alien "Fountain of Youth") was made in 1984. One of its geriatric stars, Wilford Brimley, was 49 when he made it.

Screw the Golden Girls. W the actual F.

knapjack honked back 21 Jun 2024 13:32 +0000
in reply to: https://mastodon.social/users/andrewstroehlein/statuses/112653398038555561

@Jgmeadows @andrewstroehlein Let's expand on that for a sec.

As we encroach on Independence Day in the U.S. I'm reminded of the oft-quoted line, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." By the time we get to the Constitution in 1789, this effectively becomes Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Property. Your unalienable right to Be becomes your right to Buy.

Both #PrideMonth and #Juneteenth should remind us that there are (at least) two opposing forces in the U.S. (and likely elsewhere): those that want to spread joy and those that want to extinguish the joy of others. If there's something those authors got right it's that, damn, people should be happy. Anyone telling you that you shouldn't be happy, or that some other group shouldn't be happy, that's un-American. Now light the fireworks.

knapjack bonked 21 Jun 2024 13:17 +0000
original: [email protected]

"All we have to do is punish that group of powerless people, and we’ll be happier."

- rough translation of much political speech these days

knapjack bonked 21 Jun 2024 13:05 +0000
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Sneezed myself awake, and now I lurch menacingly through the halls of Mastodon, hissing at the crepuscular light and boostin' toots.

knapjack bonked 21 Jun 2024 07:21 +0000
original: [email protected]

Alaska colonizers had a peculiar habit of naming places as the number of miles from some reference point. The chart shows the number of creeks, rivers, and sloughs whose name is the number spelled out and the '-mile' suffix added. @AlaskaWx

knapjack bonked 21 Jun 2024 06:00 +0000
original: [email protected]

Excellent article by Ted Chiang. I'll quote a bit:

"Speaking to Maureen Dowd for a Vanity Fair article published in April, Musk gave an example of an artificial intelligence that’s given the task of picking strawberries. It seems harmless enough, but as the AI redesigns itself to be more effective, it might decide that the best way to maximize its output would be to destroy civilization and convert the entire surface of the Earth into strawberry fields. Thus, in its pursuit of a seemingly innocuous goal, an AI could bring about the extinction of humanity purely as an unintended side effect.

This scenario sounds absurd to most people, yet there are a surprising number of technologists who think it illustrates a real danger. Why? Perhaps it’s because they’re already accustomed to entities that operate this way: Silicon Valley tech companies.

Consider: Who pursues their goals with monomaniacal focus, oblivious to the possibility of negative consequences? Who adopts a scorched-earth approach to increasing market share? This hypothetical strawberry-picking AI does what every tech startup wishes it could do — grows at an exponential rate and destroys its competitors until it’s achieved an absolute monopoly. The idea of superintelligence is such a poorly defined notion that one could envision it taking almost any form with equal justification: a benevolent genie that solves all the world’s problems, or a mathematician that spends all its time proving theorems so abstract that humans can’t even understand them. But when Silicon Valley tries to imagine superintelligence, what it comes up with is no-holds-barred capitalism."


knapjack honked 21 Jun 2024 04:32 +0000

Happy #Solstice for all who celebrate.

@Billthoo That sun repayment plan starts now. I'm sending my first payment in the morning. 💔