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I snap photos on film, flip bits for a living and live in the subarctic. Be kind, rewind.

knapjack bonked 24 Apr 2024 13:31 +0000
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"Adding highway lanes to deal with traffic congestion is like loosening your belt to cure obesity." - Lewis Mumford in 1955.

We’ve known this for a LONG time, but we’ve put massive energy, money, space, and time into pretending we don’t know it.
#InducedDemand #lawofcongestion

4 images of congested freeways

knapjack honked 24 Apr 2024 05:56 +0000

We've been rewatching Ted Lasso and I noticed Dr. Sharon Fieldstone's collapsible bike also had collapsible pedals, and now I think that's the best invention on the planet.

knapjack bonked 24 Apr 2024 05:34 +0000
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Thing I just said to my cat: "Well, I have written one good sentence today, so now it's time for lunch."

knapjack bonked 23 Apr 2024 13:23 +0000
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NASA recovered a space probe's 47-year-old computer with about as much memory as my old Commodore 64 over a distance of 15 billion miles so it can (hopefully) continue to do science work, and it reminds me of how much ingenuity used to go into computers back when the assumption was you couldn't consume the water and electricity of a small nation just to power Ask Jeeves.

knapjack bonked 23 Apr 2024 13:09 +0000
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Devs sometimes talk about being "close to the metal" but there is no other software engineering team in the world right now that are simultaneously working as close to and as far away from the metal as the people keeping Voyager working.

knapjack bonked 22 Apr 2024 13:41 +0000
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Bought some Italian butter cookies this morning. Asked for an assortment.

Clerk: Any allergies?

Me (being silly): Just cats.

Clerk nods and made a show of putting back one of the cookies.

knapjack bonked 22 Apr 2024 13:22 +0000
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Journalists: Here's a news org covering the simple reality of the Trump/Republican assault on American democracy. The lede, in the Nevada Current, says:

"Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee on Friday announced a “100,000 person strong” program designed to harass election officials and their employees and discredit democracy in Nevada and a dozen other states."

Try some unabashed truth-telling, journalists. It's liberating.


knapjack bonked 21 Apr 2024 22:50 +0000
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You know how dim sum means ‘touch your heart’, in that the food is so wholesome and good that it warms your heart (if you don’t feel heart warmed from dimsum, find better dimsum)?

I’ve been thinking about how even though I didn’t grow up on corn, things with masa feel that way for me. Tortillas, pupusas, arepas: it’s not my culture really but it’s sort of one of the only other things where I feel this, I suppose, heart tingling feelings of happiness and warmth


knapjack honked back 21 Apr 2024 22:14 +0000
in reply to: https://mastodon.stillsunbound.co.uk/users/howard/statuses/112272188704189894

@howard @simon_diamond How do you guys feel about the Good to Gorp? I'm thinking about buying my kid their first watch for their upcoming 17th birthday, and wow, the Seiko 5 like doubled in price in the last year, it was also at that $100 USD price point.

I was really hoping for something like the Timex Sprite Bullseye reissue but those are gone daddy gone, and the Good to Gorp has an adjacent but more modern vibe.

knapjack bonked 21 Apr 2024 03:27 +0000
original: [email protected]

My sister taught gerontology and works end of life organizations, and has a lot of first hand experience in these matters. This is her list of what we should do.

A List We All Should Have:
1. Will
2. A Durable Power of Attorney for someone to carry out your wishes should we be incapacitated.
3. Advanced Directive -Health Care Power of Attorney
Consider creating a "map" that would lead others on the path to finding your documents so they know what it is they are looking for and where exactly to find it. Start the list by going through all the places you keep the important papers and list the location and contents. For example "In the back of my top dresser drawer are the insurance policies and my living will."
Then make some master lists with as much contact and access information as you can provide:
1. The location of home desks, hidden cabinets and drawers, home safe with combination or locks and any other non-obvious document storage locations.
2. Information about your lawyer and all her/his contact information.
3. Banking information including lists of the institutions, types of accounts, account numbers, account owners, safe deposit boxes along with the box number and keys. Also note the name and contact information for any accountant, stock broker or financial advisor who may have other information on file.
4. A listing of all credit card accounts noting the provider and account numbers.
5. All insurance policies (health, life, property, auto, long term care, etc.) along with the name and contact into for the agents.
 - and several other suggestions

knapjack honked back 21 Apr 2024 03:01 +0000
in reply to: https://federate.social/users/mattblaze/statuses/112306709925802390

@mattblaze Metal lens shade not rubber?

Whenever I see pros with gear in places like the Himalayas or Antarctica I wonder about their planning with batteries and weight. It would be really hard for me not to take film, at least as a backup.

I picked up my Fuji X-H1 because it reminded me so much of an F5. Weather "sealed" (in theory), too. I have the 35/2 WR, and though it's short I wouldn't hesitate to grab that pair in an emergency.

But if I were fleeing zombies or aliens or something, it would be an F, for sure. Aliens will want commemorative plates and the EMF from their ships would be a mess. 😁

knapjack bonked 21 Apr 2024 02:31 +0000
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Right now seems like a good time to remind everyone that Donald Trump’s first impeachment was for withholding military aid from Ukraine until he could extort its president for dirt on Joe Biden to sabotage our election.

#SlavaUkraini 🇺🇸🇺🇦

knapjack bonked 20 Apr 2024 22:07 +0000
original: [email protected]

Just a reminder in case folks forgot. A tiktok ban that isn't a sweeping social media practice reform is just racism and sinophobia.

Facebook has provably done much worse things, to Americans and American minors, than TikTok has been accused of doing.

knapjack bonked 20 Apr 2024 22:03 +0000
original: [email protected]

every tech company designing products that assume a fast, reliable, always-on network connection is henceforth required to use hotel wifi for a month

these are just the rules i do not make the rules

knapjack honked 20 Apr 2024 21:41 +0000

Signs of spring in Alaska: waiting for a tire swap and an oil change.

Contax N1 camera sitting between my feet.

knapjack honked 20 Apr 2024 21:31 +0000

Dude: "Are you here for our family friendly 4/20 event?"

Me: "No, I'm here for Grandma Wei's food truck."



knapjack bonked 20 Apr 2024 13:47 +0000
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"No man knows till he has suffered from the night how sweet and dear to his heart and eye the morning can be."

Jonathan Harker. Dracula (1897)

~Bram Stoker (8 November 1847 – 20 April 1912)

#books #literature

knapjack honked 20 Apr 2024 05:18 +0000

There are no free SAT seats within 100 miles for the next two test windows. I didn't know that was a thing.

Looks like we have a road trip in our future.